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Partial Body (30 Min)  $50
Full Body     (60 min)  $60
Full Body     (90 min)  $80

Prepay packages
Save 12% with the purchase of 5 or more massages.
-Five 30-min massages $220
-Five 60-min massages $264
-Five 90-min massages $352

Signature Massage
(Please see the detail page for this exclusive massage by clicking on it)

-Spirits & Sage Detox $90

Anti-Aging Facial Massage. Facial Fitness at its finest!

Proven skin rejuvenation treatment. 

The most luxurious, safe and effective method of treating the problem of sagging, aging skin without surgery.

An effective method of giving skin a healthy glow through the use of pure, wholesome facial cleansers, oils, cremes, warm towels, massage, and Honeylift Massage.

Your decollete and face will be treated to a variety of techniques, including manual lymph drainage. Blood and oxygen are stimulated to nourish, rejuvenate and tone muscles and skin.

Feel wonderfully relaxed while gaining noticeable results with each and every treatment. In as little as twelve weeks, you will experience improvement of your facial muscle tone and in the quality of your complexion.

$85/ Facelift Massage  or  10% savings on 12pk

Enhance/Prolong your results! Now available.....Nerium AD.....A true breakthrough in anti-aging skin care!

Fijian Full-Body Massage  

An effective modality for damaged, painful or tight muscles. A deeper, yet gentler, very relaxing massage that can be done through clothing.

$65/ 50 minute session

Other Specialty Services
-Parafin Dip Hands or Feet                          $15
-Ear Candling with Massage                        $30
($3 each/additional candle)
-Aviana Mindful Touch Therapy                   $65
-Full Body Exfoliation with Massage            $85
-Foot Reflexology with Exfoliation & Soak   $85

Seated Chair Massage

Your location: 2-hour Minimum   $1.50/Minute
My Office: 20-Minute Minimum   $1.00/Minute

Now Available
Pre-pay options on 60 and 90 minute massages.                                                             Call/email for details

Massage is more than a luxury.
Click here to learn of Massage Benefits.

24-Hour Cancellation to Avoid $60 Charge.


"Aaahhh, My Rosa Time. My life would not be complete without my monthly Rosa Time. I have been going to Rosa for several years and I could not recommend her any more highly! She is fantastic for therapeutic and relaxational massages. Rosa, you are the best! Thank you for always making me feel so good." -Victoria